Source Pravda.Ru

Humanitarian AID delivered to Northern Afghanistan

Another shipment of humanitarian aid has been sent by the Russian, Tajik and Kirghiz emergencies ministries to Northern regions of Afghanistan. According the Tajik Department of the Russian Frontier Service, the shipment consisting of 67 tons of corn collected by the World Food Organisation and 9 tons of various medicines from the Medecins sans Frontieres organisation has been delivered to Afghanistan via a checkpoint of the Ishkashim border unit.

The other day, a shipment of 25 tons of corn was delivered to Afghanistan via a simplified cargo examination station of the Khorog border unit. The Nizhny Pyandzh and the Forkhor-Kokul checkpoints located on border sectors guarded by the Pyandzh and Moskovsky units also control the traffic of people and goods from and to Afghanistan.