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Special Operations Against Chechen Warlords On

Vladimir Moltenskoi, commander of the Joint Group of Federal Forces in the North Caucasus, has disproved media reports alleging that he had ordered to suspend a special operation against Chechen militant leaders. "These reports are not true and Chechen warlords should not better relax," Moltenskoi told RIA Novosti on Wednesday. He stressed that federal units are conducting reconnaissance and search operations according to the plans, which among other things aim to block and destroy leaders of illegal armed groupings. "I see no reason why such operations should be suspended or cancelled," said the commander. To him, a large-scale operation is being completed in the Nozhai-Yurt district of Chechnya. In the course of the operation discovered were several militant bases and hideouts with weapons. The military reported on 200 militants which have been destroyed or detained over the last two weeks.

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