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Suspected accomplices in Chechnya acts of terror detained

Suspected accomplices in the acts of terror in the Znamenskoye and Iliskhan-Yurt villages have been detained in Chechnya, said Federation Council member from the Chechen Republic Akhmar Zavgayev at a press conference on Monday.

According to Zavgayev, he spoke over the phone with the Chechnya Interior Ministry leadership Monday, and they told him one of the suspected accomplices in the acts of terror perpetrated in Chechnya after the constitutional referendum had been detained in Grozny.

Zavgayev pointed out that the suspect's name was not made public in the interests of the investigation. According to him, several other suspected accomplices in the Znamenskoye and Iliskhan-Yurt terrorist acts were also detained.

The acts of terror perpetrated on May 12 and 14 killed about 70 people and injured more than 200.

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