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85 Pakistanis Killed During American Bombing

85 militants from the Pakistani paramilitary Islamic group Harakat Jihad-e-Islam (a part of the Islamic Jihad movement) were killed during an American bombardment on Thursday. The bombing occurred on the Afghan border regions of Balkh and Samangan by the small town of Darayi-Nur. A representative of the militants Kamal Azfar told journalists in Islamabad that, "a large number of Mujaheddin were injured and also our commander Abu Muhammad Ashraf was killed". According to Azfar, the bodies of those killed had been sent to Mazar-i-Sharif. He stated that, "the Mujaheddin had managed successfully to defend the Darayi-Suf valley against the Northern Alliance for several weeks. However, on Thursday morning the Northern Alliance called for assistance from the American airforce, who bombed our forward line," Azfar stated. According to some information, up to 8000 Pakistani citizens are fighting in Afghanistan; they are members of numerous Muslim parties and groups. In October around Kabul 35 militants of a different Pakistani group, Harakat-ul-Mujaheddin, were killed in a building by the American airforce.

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