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Two-time world champion in kickboxing killed in Moscow. Video

On November 6, a man was killed in the south-west of Moscow. The victim was identified as 29-year-old native of the North Caucasus region, a two-time world champion in kickboxing. 

Representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irina Volk, said that the murder suspect was detained at Sheremetyevo Airport, from where he was going to fly to Baku, Azerbaijan. The 31-year-old suspect was said to be an acquaintance of the victim, also a native of the North Caucasus. 

The video of the incident was released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The video shows a man falling out from the driver's door of the parked car. The other man leaves the car and escapes from the crime scene. 

"According to preliminary reports, the men stopped by the shopping center. A conflict sparked between them in the car. Most likely, the cause of the conflict was a question of money. One of them men shot the other one in the chest from a Makarov pistol that he was possessing illegally and then escaped," Irina Volk said, Interfax reports.  

Immediately after the incident, the murderer booked a plane ticket. He was not allowed to board the plane at Sheremetyevo Airport and was arrested. 


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