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USA's highest dam to cause 30ft wall of water to fall on Oroville

13.02.2017 | Source:



Oroville, the highest dam in the United States of America, remains under the threat of destruction. The imminent collapse of the dam has triggered massive evacuation of nearly 180,000 and counting residents.

Heavy rains and snowfalls have raised water level in local rivers. The dam suffered from erosion, while the urgent spill of water has led to further damage.

Representatives of local authorities said that erosion of the emergency spillway may cause the "uncontrolled spill of water from Lake Oroville." To avoid the disaster, the water discharge was enhanced to 2,800 cubic meters per minute.

Despite the threat of destruction, there are chances to restore the dam and prevent a disaster.

"Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream is ordered," the Butte County sheriff said in a statement posted on social media. "Once you have damage to a structure like that it's catastrophic," acting Water Resources director Bill Croyle told reporters.

The damaged spillway could cause a 30-foot wall of water to fall on Oroville, north of the state capital Sacramento. Evacuation orders remained in place for some 188,000 people in Oroville, Yuba County, Butte County, Marysville and nearby communities.

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