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Soviet Su-27 fighter aircraft crashes mysteriously near Area 51 in Nevada

The aircraft that crashed a few days ago in Nevada, could be a Soviet-made Su-27 fighter jet, US-based Popular Mechanics magazine said. The incident occurred on September 5, but no details were reported.

According to the official press release from USAF Nellis base in Nevada, pilot Eric Schultz was killed as a result of the crash of the military aircraft about 160 km to the north-west from the base. The type of the aircraft was not specified.

Nellis airbase is known for its research center that was established there during the times of the Cold War to study the weapons of the potential enemy of the United States - the USSR. According to the magazine, Schulz was the commander of the squadron of the US Air Force engaged in testing foreign-made military aircraft. The squadron, among other aircraft, possesses Su-27 fighters that the US supposedly obtained through third countries.

Most likely, the killed pilot was piloting a foreign aircraft, which explains why the authorities do not disclose the type of the crashed aircraft.

Interestingly, the crash site is located in the vicinity of so-called Area 51, a subdivision of Edwards airbase, where new secret aircraft are developed. The fact that the press service of Nellis airbase, from where the crashed plane took off, reported the incident, but refused to clarify the model, made many wonder what kind of aircraft it was, and whether the US develops a new type of aircraft classified from the public.



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