Source Pravda.Ru

Emergency Landing in Iranian City Went without Deaths

At least 46 passengers were injured Sunday when an Iranian plane caught fire while landing in the northeastern city of Mashhad, the local news agency said.

Airline officials say the incident happened due to bad weather conditions. The captain had to make an emergency landing because a critical patient was on board.

The plane had 157 passengers and 13 crew members onboard when the fire started in the plane's tail, according to reports.

No deaths were reported and the rest of the passengers were safe, medical officials said.

The plane had left the southeastern Iranian city of Abadan for Mashhad on Saturday night, but was rerouted to Esfahan due to bad weather, according to the agency. The pilot later requested an emergency landing in Mashhad because there was a patient onboard.

In addition to the tail, the fire burned the wing and several other parts, according to reports.

CNN International has contributed to the report.

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