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Complaint against PRAVDA.Ru sent to Ukrainian law enforcement authorities

01.08.2002 | Source:



Why not to Honduras?
Not one man, but several public organizations at once, the Lvov Youth Rukh, the Lvov branch of the Ukrainian Student Union, the Lvov Department of the Fund of Support to Youth Democratic initiatives, and the Lvov Regional Department of Pearls of the Season, an All-Ukrainian creative center, have complained against PRAVDA.Ru to the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities. The information was provided by Ukraine’s Media Prostor. This unity of opinions is rather astonishing!

The above-mentioned organizations dislike the way PRAVDA.Ru free-lance correspondent Viktor Serdyuchenko developed the idea of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma regarding the lands near Russia’s border in his article Operetta of blood at the Ukrainian air show published by PRAVDA.Ru.

A statement circulated by the mentioned organizations in the Ukrainian media (it is strange, but only two of the organizations have signed it) says that the PRAVDA.Ru article insults the memory of the people who perished because of the Lvov tragedy; the author even allows chauvinist remarks.

However, PRAVDA.Ru would like to say that the complaint is groundless, and the article by Viktor Serdyuchenko greives more for the pain caused to the people killed than the complaint itself.

Our final remark concerns the following sentence of the statement circulated by the above-mentioned organizations: “We demand that Ukrainian law enforcement authorities take measures to stop provocations similar to that by Viktor Serdyuchenko and force the latter make public apologies to families of the dead and to the Ukrainian people.”

The phrase resembles accusations made by the banderovets (members of the Ukrainian rebel army), who started appearing from under the cover at the beginning of the 90s in the previous century. The bandits were hiding from so-called “unanimity” and subsequent punitive actions of the authorities. Are the mentioned youth organizations banderovets’ followers?

PRAVDA.Ru politics department

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