Source Pravda.Ru

Commander of Russian military base in trans-caucasus is removed from his post

The commander of the 102nd military base of the Group of the Russian Forces in the Trans-Caucasus, Major General Alexander Titov, has been removed from his post and will be transferred to the reserve for inactivity and the violation of military discipline. RIA Novosti was told about it on Friday in the press service of the Russian Defence Ministry.

"By the order of the Defence Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Titov has been relieved of his duties," explained the spokesman for the press service. "The necessary documents are being drawn up and will be sent in prescribed manner." The acting commander of the 102nd military base of the Group of the Russian Forces in the Trans-Caucasus will be Titov's deputy - Colonel Yury Pershin, the chief of the headquarters of the military base.

As was pointed out in the report of the military council of the North Caucasian Military District, sent to the Defence Minister, "the general has kept aloof from commanding the military base subordinate to him, his inactivity has resulted in plundering the military property and in de-completing armaments and military equipment." "Apart from that, Major General Titov himself repeatedly grossly violated military discipline," points out the report.

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