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What is Shevardnadze to do?

The political crisis, which the Republic of Georgia’s President Eduard Shevardnadze so hoped to avert, has broken out after all. At today’s extraordinary parliamentary session, Mr. Shevardnadze has announced the Georgian government’s resignation.

PRAVDA.Ru, commenting on what has been going on in Georgia, did not ruled out such a development. In his night-time televized interview, Mr. Shevardnadze hinted to his own possible resignation. Today, however, he “realized that he had to stay.” Georgia’s president is sure that he has to take part in the cabinet formation. The ongoing political crisis has again shown the weakness of power in general and the weakness of Mr. Shevardnadze, in particular. Imagine that the scandal with the NTV television network results in a change of the government in Russia. Absurdity, isn’t it? What team is Mr. Shevardnadze going to form this time. And is he is going to satisfy the opposition, which has already felt the taste of victory? Dmitri Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

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