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Andrei Krushinski: Japan eagerly strives for war path

Japan senate has taken a bill permitting to its self-defence forces to support military actions of the US out of the limits of Japanese territory. In addition to expected US withdrawal from ABM treaty, the Japan’s decision signifies one more step on the way of undermining international law and order, securing power balance in the world before the USSR’s destruction. It should be remembered that the post-war Japanese constitution fixes an explicit ban of its Armed Forces’ participation in any military action abroad. However, on October 19, referring to fight against international terrorism, the Low Chamber of Japanese parliament controlled by ruling Liberal Democratic Party edited the fundamental law of the country, and in 10 days, the senate’s OK was received. Therefore, the Japanese military now has right to support Americans with purchasing, in transport, and rescue operations, as well as in medical assistance. A proviso, that Japanese support must be limited to spots where military actions are carried out, changes nothing: Japan possesses a blank check to set out on a war path. Thus, while China, South Korea, and ASEAN countries are worried, first of all about how to resist the negative consequences of the September 11 terrorist acts influencing their economies, the Japanese leadership’s main care is how to derive benefit for its militarist circles from the mentioned terrorist acts.

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