Source Pravda.Ru

Moscow to host conference on cooperation between Russian and Armenian regions in 2004

In 2004 Moscow will host a conference on cooperation between Russian and Armenian regions. The relevant agreement was achieved on Saturday between Artur Bagdasaryan, the speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia and Sergei Mironov, the speaker of the Russian Federation Council (upper house of the Russian parliament).

Mironov stated at a briefing in the wake of the meeting that "political relations between the countries should be supported by practical actions and should be accompanied by bilateral trade and economic relations." According to him, this process will be enhanced by the forthcoming conference to let heads of Russian and Armenian regions coordinate specific spheres of cooperation.

On his part, Bagdasaryan reported that during the 8th International economic forum in St. Petersburg in June 2004 Armenia will organise its presentation under the auspices of the speakers of Armenian and Russian parliaments.

According to him, "that will provide an opportunity to Russian and Armenian businessmen to establish new contacts and will boost Armenian-Russian trade and economic cooperation."

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