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Was Daniel Pearl killed?

American journalist Daniel Pearl has been killed. This was claimed in a letter that was e-mailed to CNN and the Wall Street Journal. The deadline of the ultimatum is over; its requirements have not been fulfilled and “President Bush may search for Pearl’s dead body in the cemetery in Karachi,” – the criminals wrote.

In the meantime, Daniel Pear’s body has not been found in the cemetery in Karachi, so there is a hope he is still alive. Furthermore, the terrorists delayed the deadline several times. The Pakistani authorities are currently busy working on Pearl’s papers, printing out his cell phone calls records. The leader of one of the Islamic groups, Mubarak Ali, Shah Gilani has already been arrested: he was the last person with whom Pearl talked to. Gilani is currently the prime suspect in Daniel Pearl’s case.

Head of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry Abdul Sattar claimed that the American journalist was trying to interview Gilani in Karachi, and Gilani, in his turn, made some phone calls beyond the borders of the country. Sattar said he saw the phone records himself, saying that the people Gilani was on the phone with were the officials of the Indian government.

The press-secretary of Pakistan’s president, General Rashid Qureshi, has already stated earlier that India was involved in Pearl’s kidnapping. India reacted to it, saying that the claim is totally ridiculous and absurd.

Daniel Pearl, the supervisor of the Wall Street Journal in South Asia disappeared nine days ago. The kidnappers were asking the American government to release all the Pakistani captives at the Guantanamo base in return to Pearl’s life.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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