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Oil export from Russia up

Total oil exports through Russia to far-abroad countries amounted to 48.39m tons in January-March 2004, which is 21 percent higher than during the same period in 2003, the Ministry of Industry and Energy told RBC today. The export of Russian oil to far-abroad countries amounted to 43.24m tons in the first quarter (a 23 percent increase against the first quarter of 2003). Transit resources (including Belarus) amounted to 5.15m tons (a 9.1 percent increase) in the first quarter.

In January-March 2004, Russia exported 47.657m tons (a 21.7 percent increase) through the Transneft system, through the ports - 26.927n tons (a 26.5 percent increase).

Russia's oil shipments in the first quarter totaled 42.507m tons (a 23.4 percent increase), including 22.924m tons by sea (a 29.9 percent increase), 2.684m tons transported by rail (an 80 percent increase), 15.289m tons through the Druzhba oil pipeline, and 1.609m tons were exported to Lithuania (a 13 percent increase).

Oil exports through Russia to far-abroad countries amounted to 17.468m tons in March 2004 (a 21 percent increase against March 2003), including 15.628m tons of Russian oil. 17.294m tons were exported trough the Transneft system in March.

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