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Russia tests Iskander-M missile complexes

02.06.2014 | Source:




Russia tests Iskander-M missile complexes. 52878.jpeg

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conduct military exercises with the participation of tactical missile complex Iskander-M.

"As part of a routine inspection compounds combat capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, equipped with high-precision long-range weapons, tactical exercises of missile formation of the Western Military District and the command of long-range aircraft will be conducted in the period from May 27 to June 5, 2014. One of the groups of the Western missile military district that have tactical missile complex Iskander-M and long-range aircraft take part in the drills," RIA Novosti report with reference to the press service of the Defense Ministry.

The drills are being conducted to test the unified system of automated control, reconnaissance, destruction, electronic warfare, communications and information support of high-precision ground and air-based weapons.

Russian Iskander Missiles - Mobile Ballistic Missile Launch

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