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Justice is on Patrick Garmyn’s side

American citizen Patrick Garmyn has been granted custody of his daughter that he took away from her mother’s apartment in Moscow, so kidnapping is out of the question. This was said by Garmyn’s attorney Gregory VanGunten, who added that the girl was in the USA. The mother of the six-year-old girl Lolita Garmyn (also an American citizen) claimed that she had a right for her child’s custody too, she was granted one, when she divorced her husband in 2001.

However, VanGunten added that the right was valid only on the American territory: “When Lolita left, Patrick was given custody." Lolita Garmyn took her daughter away from the USA several weeks after she divorced her husband. Her attorney did not make any comments on the situation.

Six-year-old girl Amelia Garmyn was kidnapped on July 19th from the Moscow apartment of the Garmyns-Somovs. Three men wearing masks entered the apartment, tied the mother and the grandmother up, made them an injection to make women stop screaming. Lolita Garmyn said that the kidnapping was initiated by her ex-husband Patrick Garmyn. He took Amelia out to the USA via Ukraine with the help of fake documents. Patrick was later nabbed by FBI.

The American government at first announced that it would do its best to help the Russian authorities to find the girl, but then Americans refused from their offer (without an official announcement on that, of course).

As a representative of the embassy said, the American government was ready to render all possible help to the Russian government to investigate the matter. However, it was then added that Americans did not see a reason why it was requisite to help Lolita Garmyn to get the visa.

Lolita Garmyn says that she is ready to leave for the USA for her kidnapped daughter right now. The embassy said that it would take her two weeks to get the visa. This red tape is certainly good for Patrick Garmyn, and today’s statement from his lawyer is a good example to prove it.

Yegor Belous PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov