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USA to Erase Iraq off the Map

Of course, Saddam Hussein is not going to be the king of the new kingdom

Negotiations between the delegations of Iraq, the UN, and the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna ended. Chief U.N. arms inspector Hans Blix stated that Baghdad agreed to provide immediate and unlimited access to all sites.

Iraq handed over four compact disks to the UN Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission, known as UNMOVIC. The disks contain information pertaining to military and civil nuclear sites. A spokesman for the Iraqi president stated that the information on the disks reflect Baghdad’s activity the last four years.

When Washington learned about the agreement between Iraq and the UN, it was enraged. The USA forced UN inspectors to delay their return to Iraq. According to Washington’s condition, the Iraqi government is supposed to present a complete declaration of its "weapons of mass destruction" and related programs.

America does not think that the information on the compact disks is enough. Colin Powell stated on October 1 that the White House was determined to settle the Iraqi issue for good. Therefore, if Iraq is not going to accept all its sins, if it is not going to present a complete list of its weapons of mass destruction, then it will have big trouble.

For Iraq, this list is like a grave in which it will be buried later. However, the United States has its own logic, and it is hard to argue with against it. There is no way out for Saddam: there will be a war one way or the other.

However, the new resolution is supposed to be approved by the UN Security Council. Three of its five permanent members (Russia, France, China) are not willing to approve of any additional resolutions. They would rather prefer to see how old resolutions are being implemented.

If there is a war against Iraq or not, Washington plans to get rid of Saddam. The latest speech from Vice President Dick Cheney is a good indication. Cheney initiated the development of a plan to unite Iraq and Jordan. This single kingdom would be subordinated to incumbent Jordanian King Abdullah II. The city of Amman will be the capital of the kingdom. The plan stipulates the unification of Jordan and the part of Iraq where Sunnite Arabs live. The plan was discussed in London between Jordan emissaries and representatives of the Iraqi opposition.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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