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Financiers and tax collectors combat corruption within their ranks

The finance ministry and the ministry for taxes and dues propose that the system of paying value-added taxes from special accounts be introduced on July 1st, 2004 as a measure to combat corruption in taxation bodies. This information has been provided in the documents submitted by the finance ministry and the ministry for taxes and dues to the government's session scheduled for today.

The documents say that the growth of VAT collection lags behind the growth of compensation. The schemes have been spread which are connected with receiving compensation for the VAT sum being paid by taxpayers to the suppliers of material resources without payment by the latter of VAT sums to the budget.

In addition, quick-fix companies, created for unlawfully receiving compensation for the VAT sums from the budget only, are widely used now.

The introduction of the system of paying VAT from special accounts, which are supposed to be named "VAT-accounts", could become a measure taken to cut short such practice, the document stresses.

The document's developers believe that the proposed model will create a system under which transparency of VAT movement will be ensured. In particular, this will help reduce the time for conducting control measures and simplifying the tax deduction procedure.

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