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Andrey Lubenksy: Land code voting results in Ukrainian parliament were falsified?

The commotion pertaining to the Land code, passed by the Ukrainian parliament is still going on. Some people say the bolsheviks’ motto “Land – to the peasants!” has been implemented, others call this news “the land counter-revolution” and warn that the best land in the world will soon find themselves in oligarchs and bandits’ hands.

In the opinion from the head of the budgetary committee of the Ukrainian parliament, Alexander Turchinov, the passed Land code includes all shadow and corruption structures in the activity field, with the approval from the president and his followers.

The socialists of Ukraine believe, the voting results on the Lade code have been falsified. As the chairman of the central supervisory committee of the Socialist party of Ukraine, Aleksey Malinovsky said to PRAVDA.Ru, “there were not more than 200 deputies present in the hall on the voting day, however, there were 240 votes received. Nine ballots were not even signed.”

Malinovsky also added, the voting procedure itself was carried out with rough violations of the regulations. The code should have been given the second reading, but Viktor Medvedchuk, the first vice-speaker, who was conducting the session, put the Land code for the voting on the whole. The leftist factions in the hall were indignant about it – they were ready to give the second reading to the code, but they saw a lot of drawbacks, particularly in the part of reserving the peasants’ rights on land. But they were forced to vote for the rough paper. The communists blocked the tribune, having created the situation, when the code could be either rejected, or passed on the whole. Now the “leftist centre” is getting ready to apply to the Regulations committee of the parliament and to the Constitutional court. The litigation is going to be scandalous.

Turchinov said the voting on the Land code was “a shamefully unexampled phenomenon in the history of the home parliamentarism.” At the same time Turchinov’s faction will submit its own version of the Land code to the parliament, “which will provide for the real agrarian reform and allow to convey the land to the peasants, not to the criminal figures.” Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma says the passed Land code was “a victory.” On Friday the president stated he would sign the code, though he saw some disadvantages in the document. In particular, Kuchma is against the 5-year moratorium to sell land, as it is stipulated in the code. The president thinks, one can sell land right now.

Andrey Lubenksy PRAVDA.Ru

AP photo: Ukrainian leftist lawmakers fight in the parliament building in Ukraine's capital Kiev, Thursday, Oct. 25, 2001, as they try to delay a vote on a new Land Code