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Vladimir Putin will hold a session of the Presidium of the State Council

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday will hold a visiting session of the Presidium of the State Council in Rostov-on-Don (the south of Russia) on the theme: Water Resources and the Development of the Water Economy in Russia.

As RIA Novosti was told by a source in the presidential administration, the report "The National Programme - the Development of the Water Economy in Russia" and its draft programme will be submitted for the consideration of the session participants.

A source from the working group told RIA Novosti that Rostov-on-Don was specially chosen for discussing this theme.

This city is not only a biggest river port in the country and the place where the problems of inter-state use of water resources and the "river-sea" problems are closely linked, but it is the city with acute ecological problems.

"The Rostov region can be regarded as a platform for working out an effective model for the preservation, development, use and reproduction of water resources with the further spread of this experience all over the country," underscored the source.

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