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Russia tests its first-ever android robot


Specialists of the Cosmonaut Training Center named after Gagarin began to test the first Russian android robot SAR-400, which is to become an assistant to cosmonauts on the International Space Station.

Deputy chief of the Scientific Management of the center, Oleg Gordienko, said that the tests of the robot were indeed conducted in the Cosmonaut Training Center. Its main task is to conduct a certain kind of work both inside and outside the ISS.

For the time being, the robot is able to perform simple, but dangerous tasks. In particular, SAR-400 can be used for visual inspection of the spacecraft to assess damage and conduct repairs.

The anthropomorphic robot, SAR-400, was developed by the Scientific-Production Association Android Technology. It has two robotic arms that end with "fingers." The robot is 144 kilos heavy. 



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