Source Pravda.Ru

Russia moves towards Kyoto Protocol ratification

Russia is moving towards ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, Mukhamed Tsikanov, Russian deputy minister for economic development and trade, told reporters on Wednesday.

"No other decisions regarding ratification of the Kyoto Protocol have been taken except what we have many times spoken of - we are moving towards its ratification", he said.

To him, the government may send the Kyoto Protocol for ratification by the State Duma already in 2004. Tsikanov refused to predict timeframe for ratification because it is the prerogative of parliament.

At the same time, he recalled that the ratification matter has not yet been considered by the cabinet and no decision has yet been taken.

He had to admit that the economic efficiency of the protocol ratification for Russia is "low". This is due to the "passive position of our partners - the European Union and Japan", he said.

"Talking of the economic component of the Kyoto Protocol, the rate of movement towards its ratification also depends on our partners, who are taking a neutral stance", Tsikanov said.

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