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Russian researchers to conduct monitoring of sea mammals in Russia's Far East

The Sevvostrybvoda sea mammals protection service is running a few research projects in Russia's Far East. A group of researchers has been brought to the Medny island (Komandorskie Islands).

The group will conduct a monitoring of sea mammals and protect their rookery.

According to the Sevvostrybvoda head, Vladimir Vertyankin, "the south-eastern rookery is unique as it represents a majority of sea mammals species: fur seals, eared seals, kalans, seals and cetacea. The research of fur seals at this rookery has been conducted for over 40 years, and that of eared seals -- for 11 years." Another scientific expedition has set off for Kuril Islands to monitor and protect a rookery of rare eared seals. In particular, it is expected to collect information about the migration of eared seals.

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