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Latest data on consequences of flood in Russia's South

According to the latest data of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, 10,827 dwelling houses were ruined and 62,302 damaged as a result of the flood in Russia's south.

According to the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, 16 ruined and 2,551 damaged houses were reconstructed. The material damage, caused by the flood to the people and regional economy, totals 13.77 billion roubles.

All in all, 343 settlements suffered from the flood, which damaged 131 kilometres of gas pipelines, 535 bridges, 1,927 kilometres of roads, some 6 kilometres of railway, 404 kilometres of power transmission lines, 581 kilometres of conduits and 149 kilometres of intakes. By Thursday morning 393 kilometres of power transmission lines, 1,149 kilometres of roads, 376 kilometres of conduits, 79 kilometres of gas pipelines, 5 kilometres of railway, 273 bridges and 9 intakes were restored.

Ninety-four people were killed in the flood in Russia's south. Some 100,000 people were evacuated from flooded settlements. About 39,000 people have already returned to their permanent residence. All in all, 334,000 suffered from the flood.

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