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America Losing Diplomatic War

George W. Bush losing war before it even starts
America is losing the diplomatic war against Iraq. Last week the UN Security Council rejected the US’s resolution on Iraq. The majority of the council members disagreed with the paragraphs that would allow the automatic usage of force against Iraq. Earlier, the US administration was sure that negotiations would end soon. US Secretary of State Colin Powell said that there are ways to reach a compromise with France, Russia and China concerning the draft resolution. However, a solution of the problem is postponed once again. Diplomats say that more consultations are to be held before the next session of the UN Security Council; which may take several days by the way. Colin Powell said in Washington that the debates are likely to end not earlier than the end of this week.

However, the USA has nowhere to fall back; this loss of the face isn’t the most awful America will suffer if the operation fails. To maintain the war flame, George W. Bush addressed his party friends. He said that Saddam Hussein was a man that America cannot ignore. On Sunday, the US president said that the Iraqi president hates the Middle East friends of the USA. “This man contacted al-Qaeda,” said George Bush, “Saddam Hussein is a dangerous man who desires to train terrorists and supply them with weapons most of all.”

After the sharp criticism against Saddam Hussein, the US president started on the UNO. “In the name of peace, prove it to yourself (to the UNO) that you can be effective. We want you to be effective, united nations, and not a useless organization like the League of Nations,” said George Bush. “For the sake of peace and freedom, for the sake of the future for our children, if the UNO won’t or can’t act, if Saddam fails to do what he promised, to disarm namely, we will lead a coalition of nations and disarm Saddam Hussein.”

Saddam Hussein’s response was not less emotional: the Iraqi president said that the country was ready to resist any agression carried out by the USA. “We are ready for war, even if it starts in an hour. We are ready for it psychologically.” And the Iraqi leader warned that “Iraq will never be like Afghanistan.” He stressed that Iraq wasn’t stronger than the USA with its fleets and long range missiles. “But Iraq is strong with itzs belief in God, in the motherland, and in the Iraqi people as well as in the Arab people.”

The Arab people didn’t let Saddam down: Saudi Arabia was the first to lend its helping hand to Iraq. Saudi Arabia won’t let the USA use its military bases for an operation against Iraq, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal said. This refusal is valid even if the UN Security Council gives its mandate for a war against Iraq. The Saudi Foreign Minister said in an interview to CNN: “We will cooperate with the Security Council, but as to participating in the conflict, or using our facilities as part of the conflict, that is something else.” He gave a definite “no” to the question of whether military bases on Saudi territory can be used for a war against Iraq. Saudi Arabia is supported by Islamic theologians who called for a sacred war against the USA and Great Britain if the two states send their troops to overthrow Hussein. The theologians called for a boycott on American and Israeli goods and for a cessation of business relations with businessmen from both countries. The appeals were voiced at a two-day conference organized by Jordan’s largest Moslem opposition party, the Islamic Action Front, in Amman. About 200 theologians from different Islamic countries took part in the conference.

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