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Lula acclaimed President in Brazil

The leader of the Partido Trabalhista (Labour) of Brazil, Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva, was acclaimed “President” of Brazil at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre.

The popular leader of the PT is currently leading the opinion polls, but the political scenario in Brazil is stacked against him. On three occasions, he has lost presidential elections because the country’s 5% elite, who control 95% of Brazil’s wealth, close ranks, fearing measures which will encourage the much-needed distribution of wealth.

On one occasion, a rumour was circulated that if Lula became president, he would confiscate country houses. This turned out to be nonsense but it was sufficient for the middle classes to join the elite and vote against him.

President Cardoso cannot stand again in October’s presidential election, since he has completed his second term of office. The right-wing candidate is the daughter of ex-President Sarney, Roseanna. She is currently second in the opinion polls, with Anthony Garotinho, of the Socialist Party third. Brazil’s Socialist party is that only in name. Lula is the chance Brazil has to redefine itself as a modern state with asocial fabric which belongs to the 21st Century, not a pariah state controlled by a generation of colonels and a handful of corrupt politicians in Brasilia.


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