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Myanmar: military dictators accused of drugs trafficking

Opposition spokesperson Sai Wansai declares in Lisbon that the armed struggle against the oppressive regime in Rangoon must continue and claims that the military dictatorship is held in power by drugs money.

Sai Wansai, leader of the Shan Democratic Union (SDU), claims that there are two ways forward: continuing with dialogue but also with the armed resistance to the oppressive regime in Rangoon, led by General Ne Win.

The regime has carried out mass killings, genocide, the attempted extermination of various ethnic groups, and deportations from thousands of villages around the country, as the regime tries to silence internal opposition, mainly from the SDU, KNU and SNLD. The villagers are herded into concentration camps, where they are watched over by soldiers on turrets.

“Ne Win has managed to transform one of the world’s leading producers of rice into an international bastion for drugs production”, claimed Sai Wansai, who added that “the drugs money is all channelled into the purchase of weapons or combat aircraft”.

The three sides to this conflict are the Military Junta led by General Ne Win, the National League for Democracy and the armed factions of the eight ethnic groups. Sai Wansai defends the creating of a Federation of States and a continuing process of dialogue to solve the country’s problems.


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