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Initiators of pogrom in Volgograd museum exposed

Yesterday, vandals who recently defiled several Muslim graves in the tractor museum in the city of Volgograd were detained hot on the heels.

As could be expected, the four hooligans who broke to pieces several monuments turned out to be teenagers. The eldest is 16, while the youngest is 14 years old. Not one of them belongs to an extremist group. The criminals admitted their guilt and even repented. The four young men drank some alcohol (on their parents money) and, by chance, turned out to be in the park. That night, they could have engaged in hooliganism somewhere in the dark streets or broken shop windows.

They themselves cannot explain why they went to the park and started to draw fascist symbols on the monuments. They probably wanted to be like skinheads, whose deeds are so actively covered by mass media. Therefore, the drunkk fools were not mistaken in their hopes. The mass media wrote enough about their crime. Let us at least read the headlines: “Fascism Shows its Head,” “Burst of Aggressive Nationalism in Volgograd,” “Skinheads March,” etc.

Who could think the reason for the incident is just some drunk teenagers who could not controls themselves? One of the teenagers is a Tatar. The prank was turned by journalists who like sensations into a political action! It is curious that a recent disclosure of a criminal group was barely noticed by the mass media.

Andrei Cherkasov PRAVDA.Ru Volgograd Translated by Vera Solovieva

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