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At Least Nine People Killed in a Suicide Attack in the North of Israel

Major unrest in Israel today, as another suicide bomber takes the lives of Israeli citizens. This morning (4 August 2002), a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a crowded passenger bus at the Meron juction near Safed. As a result of the explosion, at least nine people were killed and 40 injured ten in critical condition. Ambulances, assisted by Israeli Airforce helicopters, evacuated the injured to nearby hospitals. The Hamas movement took responsibility for the murderous attack. Two Terrorists Aborted Suicide Missions Fearing IDF Response Would be to Demolish their Houses Evidence that the IDF policy of demolishing buildings as a means of deterrence has been successful can be seen in two recent cases. In both, potential suicide bombers aborted their operations out of fear that the IDF would respond by demolishing their homes.

Jalal Hahil Jarar, a 17.5 year old resident of Yamon/Jenin was arrested at the beginning of July 2002. During questioning, he confessed that about six months ago he approached his friend, who is an Islamic Jihad operative. Jarar indicated that he was interested in joining the terrorist organization to carry out a suicide attack. Jarar's friend responded that he could not join the organization, but that he might be granted his wish to carry out a suicide attack.

About a week before the June 5th car bomb attack in the Megido junction, which resulted in the deaths of 17 Israeli citizens and the wounding of 42 others, the Islamic Jihad operative approached Jarar and offered him an opportunity to take part in the car bomb attack. Jarar refused because he feared that his parents' house would be demolished if he carried out the attack.

In a similar case, Umaya Mhmad Demege, a 24-year-old resident of the Jenin Refugee camp, surrendered to the IDF on July 27th. Demege indicated that she was influenced by the suicide terror attack carried out by a woman from Bethlehem. This was a reference to the suicide attack carried out by Aiat Ahras on March 29th 2002 in a supermarket in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood in Jerusalem, in which two citizens were killed and 22 were wounded.

Demege approached Mahmod Toalba "Norsi", a senior Islamic Jihad official in Samaria, and suggested that she carry out a suicide attack. Demege expressed the opinion that that it is a woman's right to take part in these operations. Norsi congratulated Demege on her attitude and indicated that he would contact her. About two weeks later, Norsi contacted Demege and offered her an opportunity to carry out an attack during which she was to disguise the bomb as a baby. Before the IDF's "Defensive Shield" Operation, Demege wrote a personal letter to her family, in which she notified them of her intention to carry out an attack. A few days later, she was videotaped by Norsi while reading her will and holding a weapon and the Koran. In the end, rather than take part in the planned operation, Demege surrendered to the IDF.

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