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Palestinian Streets Rejoice at Murders of Israelis

Ten thousand Hamas operatives and bypasses gathered in the streets of Gaza on Wednesday (31.7.02) to celebrate the terrorist attack in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in which 7 people were murdered.

The Palestinians expressed support of the continuation of suicide attacks and celebrated with sweets and songs immediately after the terrorist attack in the university. The participants in the celebrations chanted anti - Israeli slogans, sang incitement songs and described the procession as a "joy march".

During the march, Hamas flags were waved and many children clapping hands and laughing participated.

During the march, the spokespersons called: "we call Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (the Fatah military wing) - we wait for more to come [terror attacks]" It is important to mention that the Hamas terror wing took responsibility for both the deadly suicide attacks that occurred in the recent week, in which eighteen people were murdered.

Gil Eyal PRAVDA.Ru Israel