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Moscow airports change their schedules due to burning peat-bogs

Several Moscow airports changed their schedules due to burning peat-bogs inthe outskirts of Moscow. In particular, a source in the press service ofEast-Line - the managing company of the Domodedovo airport - was quoted assaying that the airport had not been receiving aircraft until 11 a.m. atthe request of a meteorological service. The airport is open for take-offsthough, but since no one was landing, there were almost no aircraft totake-off. The Sheremetyevo-2 airport is working for landing and take-offs without anydelays, its press service reported, the same with Vnukovo. Only a couple offlights have been delayed a little. One aircraft from Nizhny Novgorodfailed to land in Vnukovo, due to poor visibility. Flight traffic operatorsfrom the Bykovo airport didn't give landing permission to a plane fromMagnitogorsk..

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