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participant of the pogrom in Tsarititsino accused of murder

The accusation of murder has been presented to a participant of the pogrom in the Tsaritsino market in Moscow. The Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Moscow Southern District started the case against 17-year-old Sergei Polyakov. At the moment, law-enforcement bodies of Moscow refrain from comments about the case, only saying that the volumes of presented information should be determined by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Public Prosecutor’s Office, in its turn, reports that participants of the mass scuffle that took place at that day, near to Sevastopol Hotel, in Moscow have been identified. At the moment, measures for detaining them are being taken, and the question of bringing an charges against them is being considered. Our PRAVDA.Ru correspondent has not managed to clear up the fate of teenagers detained just after the pogrom. According to different sources, several dozen people were detained. It is clear that they have been questioned if the Public Prosecutor’s Office managed to find out the person directly suspected of murder. One more question is where the other participants of the pogrom are and what measures are being taken.

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