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Southern Urals strengthens cultural constituent

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In the Chelyabinsk region, an extended annual board of the Ministry of Culture was conducted, at which Acting Governor Boris Dubrovsky set a new vector of attitude to culture and art.

In the governor's opinion, it is necessary to target the work in the field of culture to achieve concrete positive results. The main task is to make society better and kinder.

"When it comes to industry, we can say is produced, we can estimate market share and profits. When it comes to culture, we speak about theaters, libraries and salaries. All these things are tools. We all understand that one should be proud of culture. I would be proud if I were told that we had no abandoned children and the elderly, no alcoholism and drug addiction. This is the result that should be," said the governor.

Boris Dubrovsky added that he was ready to increase the funding of culture, only if the work brings qualitative, rather than quantitative result.

"I totally agree with Chelyabinsk Governor Boris Dubrovsky. Culture should return practical and qualitative result, improve morality, humanity and advocate eternal values, - Elena Drapeko, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Culture, told Pravda. Ru. - This echoes with recent statements from President Vladimir Putin about the role of culture. During the past 20 years, they tried to turn art into the sphere of services. Cultural workers were resisting, explaining to authorities that culture should create a system of values ​​for people , that it should unite people. This has always been the case since most ancient times. All rubbish in history eventually erodes, and only genuine works of art, with genuine values are left. We must ensure our children have access to genuine culture and the ability to engage in creative work," Ekena Drapeko told Pravda.Ru.

In the Chelyabinsk region, there are three concert organizations and 14 theaters, 53 museums and many other cultural and art institutions. Local groups of Contemporary Dance Theatre, orchestra of Russian folk instruments "Malachite" are known not only in Russia but also in foreign countries. The Chelyabinsk Hall of organ and chamber music is one of the best organ halls in Europe.


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