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NATO ships to visit Novorossiisk

On Wednesday, July 7 NATO ships will pay a business visit to the Russian naval base in Novorossiisk (the eastern coast of the Black Sea), Captain I Rank Igor Dygalo, aide to the Russian Navy commander, reported. The main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is located in Sevastopol (Crimea, Ukraine). Its status is regulated by a bilateral Russian-Ukrainian agreement.

The Newcastle destroyer (UK), Heksiada frigate (Turkey) and Elli frigate (Greece) will visit Novorossiisk from July 7 to 11, Igor Dygalo said.

According to him, the commanders and crewmen will meet with heads of the Novorossiisk base and visit the Mikhail Kutuzov gun cruiser-museum.

German Rear Admiral Wittauer commands the NATO ships.

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