Source Pravda.Ru

What do Russians prefer to watch on TV?

Russians prefer to watch news programmes, features, and entertainment programmes on TV, according to opinion polls of the All-Russian Public Opinion Centre.

According to the poll, 59% of the pollees are mostly interested in information, news programmes; 37% - in Russian and foreign films; and 32% in entertainment programmes. Twenty-four percent prefer TV series, and 19% sports programmes.

At the same time, 6% of the pollees found it difficult to say because they watch everything, and 3% do not watch TV at all.

When asked what TV programmes should receive more attention, 28% named educational programmes, and 21% - children's programmes.

The majority of the pollees, 63%, believe that state censorship was necessary on the Russian TV, with 36% of them advocating censorship in regard to pornography and sex, 32% - to violence and brutality, and 22% - to TV adverts.

Only 5% of the polled population believe that censorship is necessary in information and analytical programmes, and 3% believe that "swear words" should be cut out.

Thirty-eight percent are more interested in news programmes today than several years ago, while 39% have stated that they are interested in them to the same extent. The minority, 17%, are less interested in news than before.

On the whole, 53% of respondents approve of the media activities today, while 30% are negative about them.

As many as 1,600 people have been polled in 100 settlements of 39 out of the total 89 federation members of Russia.

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