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International scientific seminar on material and spiritual culture of Kamchatka ethnic groups

An international scientific seminar on material and spiritual culture of the Kamchatka ethnic groups opened in Petropavlosvk-Kamchatsky on Tuesday. The seminar is sponsored by the Kamchatka State Teachers' Training University, the Centre of Ainu Culture Studies (Japan) and the Kamchatka regional administration, said Yelena Vesna, the pro-rector for research work and international relations of the university.

More than 50 scientists, students and post-graduate students from Japan, Russia and the USA are participating in the seminar.

The seminar is being held within the framework of the Naslediye (Legacy) international ethnologic expedition.

The participants are to discuss history, culture, traditions, environment, ethics and pedagogical issues of the Kamchatka ethnic groups.

The seminar will work in three areas: Kamchatka's history and archaeology, traditions in the art of Northern ethnic groups and ethnic pedagogy (psychological-pedagogical, spiritual-moral and axiological aspects), Yelena Vesna noted.

The seminar will last till August 8.

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