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Vladimir Putin advocates expanded Russia-EU cooperation potential - 6 November, 2003 - News

Russia and the EU can make headway in their cooperation by expanding the mutual-trust potential, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation told the Russia-EU summit here today.

What we need is a detailed, flexible and effective dialogue at every level for the sake of attaining practical results and solving problems, which hinder successful cooperation, in real earnest, the Russian head of state went on to say.

As far as specific instruments of work are concerned, we need a clear-cut and simple vertical for coordinating specific decisions, as well as a clear-cut decision-making machinery; but, most importantly, such decisions must be translated into life, Putin stressed.

In his words, the European continent and the entire world are experiencing major transformations at this stage. We can't be guided by obsolete working-interaction models today, Putin told his audience.

Europe's global political, economic and commercial weight, as well as its influence in the security sphere, will depend on specific coordinated actions, Putin believes.

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