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Russia, Kazakhstan to form joint venture on production of air planes

Kazakh State Enterprise Infrakos and Russian Khrunitchev State Space scientific and production centre agreed to form joint venture on production of T-411 "Aist" single-engine air planes.

Multifunctional, single-engine air plane "Aist" (Stork) was designed at the Khrunitchev Centre, Infrakos General Director Rzakul Nurtayev disclosed on Thursday.

"Aist" air planes are planned to be constructed at the one of the construction and testing facilities of the Baikonur launching site. The facility was previously used for the preparation of Soyuz and Progress space carriers before the flights.

According to specialists, the new model of the plane has a high quality of safety and needs simple maintenance.

T-411 air plane can carry up to 5 passengers and can be used as a sanitary air plane as well as it can be used in agriculture and for air patrolling.

The technical details of the agreement are being discussed at the present.

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