Source Pravda.Ru

Glazyev, Khakamada can be registered as presidential candidates

Sergei Glazyev and Irina Khakamada can be registered as presidential candidates, the Chairman of the Russian Central Election Commission, Alexander Veshnyakov told journalists on Saturday.

According to preliminary data, after the checking, about 14 per cent of signatures in Glazyev's support and some 5 per cent in Khakamada's support were rendered null and void.

The registration of a presidential nominee permits 25 per cent of inauthentic signatures in his support.

According to Veshnyakov, Glazyev's and Khakamada's registration will be considered on Sunday. Thus, the final list of presidential nominees will be known on Sunday evening.

The Central Election Commission has already registered five candidates: Vladimir Putin, Sergei Mironov, Oleg Malyshkin, Nikolai Kharitonov and Ivan Rybkin, Alexander Veshnyakov said. "Tomorrow we shall sum up the results and shall see our bright future," he concluded.

The presidential elections are scheduled for March 14.

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