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One dead wolf brings hunter $1,000 in Siberia

07.02.2013 | Source:


One dead wolf brings hunter $1,000 in Siberia. 49326.jpeg

In Yakutia's Khangalassky region (Siberia), the head of one killed wolf will bring hunters the extra profit of 10,000 rubles ($300), in addition to the already approved reward of 20,000 rubles ($600) from the republic. Thus, killing one wolf in Yakutia returns the profit of 30,000 rubles ($1,000).

Officials of the district administration said that "the decision was taken by the municipality in order to better organize the regulation of the number of gray predators on the territory of the Khangalassky ulus (region)."

For the time being, there are seven mobile teams in the area that hunt for wolves. The Ministry intends to create about 140 teams of wolf hunters. The President of Yakutia, Yegor Borisov, declared a three-month period in the republic to reduce the number of gray predators.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic developed the procedure for hunting wolves. The most popular type of hunting involves aircraft. Traditional ground hunting and hunting with the use of poisons are strictly prohibited.




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