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Vladivostok again warned of storm

A second storm warning has been announced this week in Vladivostok, centre of Primorye, Russia's Far East), reported the Primorye hydro-meteorological centre on Wednesday. A downpour, accompanied by a strong wind is expected in the area in the next three days, as well as 49 mm precipitation, which is about half the month's norm.

All the city's life-support systems have been put on silent alert. Car drivers are recommended to stay at home, if possible.

In the meantime, in connection with the pessimistic weather forecast, the water level in the Razdolnaya river is expected to rise up to 1.5 m above the critical mark in Ussuriysk (a local town). The river may overflow its banks and flood low areas, car roads, communication lines and farm lands. The forecast downpours may call forth a dangerous flood situation in the district.

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