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Another military operation is Afghanistan brought its result

American military men shot dead six Afghan civilians

American military men shot dead six Afghan civilians in Kunar province on Tuesday. This was said by Afghan Islamic Press agency with reference to anonymous local governmental officials.

At first American commandos shot four passengers of a vehicle, which did not stop to be examined near Asadabad, the Kunar provincial capital. All the shot people were allegedly the relatives of the local influential commander Matiullah. The agency reported that US fire killed two more Afghan civilians in another unrelated incident.

The Pentagon did not keep silent, as it happened last time, when American pilots bombed an Afghan wedding by mistake. The American command claimed that it all happened otherwise.

As they said, American commandos were shot, when they were patrolling the territory near Asadabad. None of 30 military men was wounded. Americans fired back and killed four of those, who was attacking them, and wounded one person, who is currently at the hospital. As it is supposed, those people belonged to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. This is the second incident of the kind on the outskirts of the town of Asadabad over the latest two days. On Tuesday American military men shot dead two people, who belonged to the group of those, which attacked them before.

It is hard to distinguish truth and lies here, but there is one thing clear: civilians will be dying in this war, both from the Taliban and from those, who is defending them.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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