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Participants of meeting burned down Russian flag

A scandal in Lipetsk. Here, 7th November was celebrated in a very special way. In the meeting, devoted to 84th anniversary of October Revolution, in presence of regional administration’s head Oleg Korolev, State flag of the Russian Federation was burned down. About 200 people gathered in the meeting organized by local branch of Union of Patriotic Forces and by Lipetsk regional committee of Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Organizers of the action opposed “anti-people’s regime of Putin”, as they called it, and called to resignation of the government. The meeting people also opposed the president’s bills, the new Code of Labour Laws and the Land Code. The head of Lipetsk region, Oleg Korolev, who is deputy chairman of the Council of Federation as well, called the patriots of Russia to “activity and offensiveness”.

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