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Senator Zavgayev's son killed while detaining assassins of Nadterechny region's head

According to RIA Novosti, Russian Federation Council member Akhmar Zavgayev's son, Said-Ali, was killed on September 29 while detaining the murderers of the senator's brother, Head of the Chechen Nadterechny Region, Akmed Zavgayev, the senator himself said at a press conference held in Moscow.

He stressed that his son was one of the policemen who had been engaged in the investigation into the killing of the Nadterechny Region's Head. "Said-Ali came upon the tracks of my brother's murderers and was killed while trying to detain them," the senator said.

In his words, "Said-Ali managed to kill two bandits." "One of those killed had $800 and a micro-tape with an account of the killing of the Nadterechny Region's Head in his pocket," he reported.

The senator noted that "the murderers of the of the Nadterechny Region's Head have been identified." "In reward for a series of terrorist attacks Aslan Maskhadov himself gave $2 million to the field commander who is responsible for the murder of the Nadterechny Region's Head," he said.

The senator noted that in the last three years the Nadterechny Region, governed by Akhmed Zavgayev, "had no police or military casualties." "150 of those engaged in bandit formations in the region have reintegrated into society, with infrastructure and peace almost restored in the region," he emphasized.

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