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Anthrax is of US origin

This fact was for the first time officially admitted by FBI officials. According to the FBI director’s assistant, Barry Moan, while commenting on the investigation of the wave of bioterrorism, the anthrax spores were produced in the US. Therefore, it is becoming clear that in FBI laboratories, a special analysis were carried out that discovered the virus’s origin. The director’s assistant refused to give details to journalists. According to the US mass media, today, it is even complicated to speculate by whom and where in the US anthrax is being produced. It should be stated that earlier, US authorities and the mass media were accusing Third-World countries, for example, Iraq or Afghanistan, where bin Laden is hiding today. Even an announcement of the terrorist number one’s brother-in-arms appeared, who claimed that bin Laden had bought anthrax spores.

It was also said many times in the US that the virus possibly came from Russian laboratories.

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