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Germany urged Argentina to extradite former official

Argentinean government received yesterday extradition requirement from Germany against former Army Commander, Guillermo Suarez Mason. The ex-official of the militarist Junta which ruled the country between 1976 and 1983, has been accused of being responsible of the assassination of a German citizen in Buenos Aires in 1977, Reuters reports. Elisabeth Kaesemann, sociologist and daughter of a famous German theologian, was executed by several shoots on her back, according to the allegations. At that time, the area were she was killed was under jurisdiction of Suarez Mason, and the crime is considered part of the execution of another fifteen "missed" arrested. The Kaesemann case is being investigated as part of trial initiated in Nuerenberg on the death of German citizens during the militarist government in Argentina. Mason is now under arrest in Buenos Aires, and has been also claimed by the Italian justice in respect of similar crimes.

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