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President Putin to chair session of Scientific Council

Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrived at the Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the session of the Council for Science and High Technologies affiliated to the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin is expected to take the floor at the session.

Speaking at the session will be Viktor Sadovnichy, head of Moscow State University; Academy member Vitaly Ginzburg, Nobel Prize winner; Academy member Gennady Kulipanov, deputy chairman of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; and also senior researcher of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Maxim Chernodub, the winner of the competition for state support for young Russian scholars.

The choice of the venue for the session, the Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry, was not accidental. Fundamental research conducted by the Institute laid the basis for the Russian industrial technology of producing insulin for genetic therapy.

95% of the Russian insulin market is controlled by Danish and American companies. Annual insulin purchases from abroad are estimated at $100-120 million.

In December 2003, the industrial production line of human insulin for genetic therapy, 300,000 bottles a year, was put into operation in Russia.

In 2004 Russian insulin - insuran that can be broadly used for diabetes patients of the first and second type - began to be produced. The Institute has also worked out a medicine, deltaran, that can help treat alcoholic and drug addiction, including opium addiction, and has no equals either in Russia or abroad.

The most significant recent achievements of the Institute are the singling out and identification of over 100 new proteins, and also the establishment of the structure of about 80 proteins responsible for the most important functions of a human body.

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