Source Pravda.Ru


Mass disorder took place today on Manezhnaya Square near the Kremlin. Football fans, embittered by the Russian team's defeat against Japan at the World Cup, are crushing cars at the "Moscow" hotel.

The fans have already overturned the car, which belonged to the RTR TV-Channel /"Vesti"/.

About 20 cars, parked at the "Moskva" hotel and the State Duma /lower chamber of the Russian Parliament/ have been destroyed. Moreover, three cars, parked at the "Moskva" hotel are on fire.

Police officers as well as football fans were injured in the mass disorder. The crowd is constantly under the rain of beer bottles. The square is covered with shattered glass. Smoke candles are on fire everywhere.

There is not enough police officers to settle disorder caused by the outraged crowd.

The crowd moved in the direction of Bolshoi Theatre.