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RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS-2002 opens in Urals

The RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS-2002 exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition opened Tuesday at a military test ground in the nearby Nizhny Tagil. The opening ceremony included a demonstration flight of a MiG-29 jet and a salvo from a 1930s-type 122-mm howitzer.

The first show took place in Nizhny Tagil in 1999 with the participation of 17 defence enterprises from 20 Russian regions. In 2000, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the show. At that moment, there were 183 participants from 22 Russian regions.

This year, the show obtained an international status. It is being held with the participation of about 200 manufacturers from Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland. About 230 foreign guests are expected to visit the event.

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